Basic financial terms explained

terms he world of finance is littered with jargon and terminology that so often doesn’t make sense to the man in the street. On many levels this is tricky because money is something that we all use and need in our daily lives. And if we are not fully understanding how it works or what it can do for us then we are already starting our relationship with money on [...]

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Improve Your Outdoor Area with These Suggestions

Is your backyard and garden in dire need of a new look? When it comes to home improvement, homeowners rarely pay attention to the outdoor space. Regardless, a beautiful and [...]

Dealing With Customers That Won’t Pay Up

If you’re a small business owner, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll be forced to deal with a customer who doesn’t make a payment as agreed. Regardless [...]

4 Ways to Use Tiles Around Your Home

Alongside the traditional ways to use tiles around the home, there are many other things that you can use them for. You can be very fun and creative with them if you have the [...]

Things To Remember When Renovating Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel or renovation is a major project. Your kitchen is the centre of your family’s world – it’s where you cook, socialise, and spend a significant portion [...]

Update your home with a new kitchen

Updating your home and house can be a challenging but wonderful experience. Whether you are considering doing just a small renovation or picking up on something rather larger, [...]

Simple Ways To Transform Your Home This Year

Whether you’re looking at a complete renovation or some minor décor tweaks, changing things up in your home can really feel like a fresh start. If you’re hoping to give [...]

Home Décor Trends To Incorporate Into Your Interior This Year

If you haven’t had time to look at your home décor yet this year, there’s still time left to get on board with the latest trends and give your interior a stylish upgrade. [...]

Things to Do Before Putting Your House on the Property Market

Selling your home can seem like a huge task, and many people avoid doing it for years simply because they haven’t got the time to do everything required. For others, the [...]

Let technology help with your security requirements

Security is increasingly is a top priority for hundreds of thousands of people around the world these days. Private companies are veritable dime a dozen, each offering their [...]

Dual-purpose furniture is a must have in small homes

There are many different nifty ways to save on space in areas of living that are not quite big enough to house single-function pieces of furniture. Sometimes, you have to find [...]