Investment Loans

Investment Loans

Investment Home Loans are loans issued for the purchase of residential property as an investment. These loans work similarly to a regular home loan with comparable rates and conditions. If you are finding it difficult to qualify for an owner-occupied home loan, you may still qualify for an investment home loan due to the added rental income.

Tips in selecting a potential investment property

  • Seek the details of the area of the potential investment property (i.e. potential tenants, and also the possibility of selling the property in a short amount of time.)
  • Ensure you have enough money to cover expenses in the cases of vacant time between tenants.
  • Facilities available in the area (i.e. shopping centres, schools, public transport, medical centres, etc.)
  • Landlord insurance should be considered including vacancy insurance;
  • Make sure you obtain references for potential tenants;
  • Consider Living conditions (i.e. heavy traffic conditions, industrial areas, aircraft)




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